Medieval Excellence: DragansVarg Designs for Men

Gunner: Ceremonial Outfit by !!DragansVarg!!

Gunner: Ceremonial Outfit by !!DragansVarg!!

Magic Forest Lamp by Annough Lykin

  Dragon Rings by Quixotica Zepp

Jahan: Ninja Outfit by !!DragansVarg!!

Jahan Ninja by !!DragansVarg!!

Magic Forest Lamp by Annough Lykin

Mystico by !!DragansVarg!!

Mystico by !!DragansVarg!!

Mystico by !!DragansVarg!!

Mystico by !!DragansVarg!!

Magic Forest Lamp by Annough Lykin

Mystico by !!DragansVarg!!

It was a pleasure working with the owners of !! DragansVarg® !!, Karigan Ducatillon and Thorsten Ducatillon, in preparation for the fashion show The Magic Forest – A Fashion Show by Allure Inc.  One strong aspect of modeling is new found quality designers!  The textures are clearly quality. Yes, DragansVarg has an entire section devoted to women’s clothing. Clothing for petites too!

!! DragansVarg® !! was founded INWORLD in June 2007 and specializes in creating high quality clothing, boots and accessories for SL residents. The variety of the products reaches from simple pants, up to complete outfit packages for nearly every roleplayer in SL. (Gorean, medieval, roman, fantasie, drow, silks, panther, Lord of the Rings, pirates, middle east, gothic, vampire, amazones, warrior, assassins and more…

Karigan Ducatillon is the creative head of !! DragansVarg® !! She loves to create the fabulous textures you all know from her products, and creates all the high detailed accessoires that makes an outfit look perfect. Her work shows her addiction to detail in every object she does. Without Karigans work, !! DragansVarg® !! wouldnt be “DragansVarg”. Karigan loves to tour with her sleddogs through snowy landscapes in RL.

Thorsten Ducatillon calls himself “The Janitor” and is responsible for all the buildings on the SIMs, and some of the prim work you can buy from DragansVarg.
A broken bulb, a new store that has to be built, a special sculptie needed …… call him. Thorsten also takes care about the renters at the DragansVarg Sims, but most of his time he is building useless things which surprisingly turn out to be useful in some way at the end.

Visit DragansVarg and you won’t be disappointed!


Models on the Move! Yasum!

Cacilia and I prepared for an evening of riding… we started with a spin around the castle! Only Yasum would do! Street urban at its finest!

Cacilia wearing “Fur Hottie” by Yasum

Rex wearing “Chess Trash” by Yasum

Both supported by the Black Widow bike by Bud Starsider of Xtasy Sleds

Cacilia shows off the details of the “Fur Hottie” jacket by Yasum

Her accessories include BlackLiquid Makeup (Black Gloss) and EMOtions Hair “Emmanuelle”

Rex struts in “Chess Trash” by Yasm

WTG Earring “Dragon Fes”

deiTY Lashes

Rooster Gloves

More Chop Zuey Please!

Model: Rex Requiem

Pose: IsoMotion

Belle Roussel, owner and designer of Chop Zuey Jewelry Couture offers quality in accessories, which we need to be our possible best! Thank you Belle for this wonderful powerful necklace, A Mad Monkey. The necklace coupled here with a Chop Zuey Yin Yang earring offers a dynamic and stylish presentation.

Gentleman, where else can we shop for quality jewelry while marinating in an environment of operatic vibrancy?

Chop Zuey! See you there!

Thank you to Isoldel of IsoMotion Animations for a wonderful pose!

Perfect Day! Mohna Lisa Couture & Azul

Photograph by October Studios

“Sebastion Sterling” designed and created by Mohna Lisa Couture is superbly dapper and high in  detail! Sebastion is offered also in black with gold/bronze accents called “Sebastion Spice”.

Sebastion was created in true high quality Mohna Lisa Couture fashion over many months of work. This elegant suit is made of classic rich textures and includes jacket/pants, jacket collar, shirt collar with cravat white and silver cravat, black vest, silver vest, jacket with silver or black vest bottoms, cuffs, cuffs with flexi shirt sleeves, jacket tails, shoulder pads with straps, boots with alpha included and detailed staff. Resizer and Transfer options.

Photograph by October Studios

Friendly, prompt and professional: October Studios. We had the privilege of working directly with October Bettencourt. She custom fitted our poses for optimal effect. We previewed photographs, made a list of the “must have” shots and she did the rest. The pictorial artistic expressions are stellar as evidence in the photos of this blog! Amazing work!

Cacilia models the Brianna Silver Wedding gown from Azul which drapes off the shoulder. Stunning! The sleeve and “V” neckline are adorned with elegant lace with a drop waist bodice. The gown has a chapel length mermaid style skirt. Opera length gloves and a long silk veil with floral attachment completing the gown highlighting a softness of texture. Another stunning design by Mami Jewell.

Photograph by October Studios

Weddings by Nienna Wood is the most elegant wedding setting I’ve discovered in Second Life. Perfect for a small to medium wedding, very aesthetically appealing to all the senses. Selection of infinite accent colors and warm customer service made this experience “easy”. Isabella Seibert was our capable contact, planner and minister. Thank you!

Models: Cacilia McMasters & Rex Requiem
Poses by  OOO.

BoHo HoBo Designer & Social Consciousness

Meet Trill Zapatero: Designer of BoHo HoBo clothing and jewelry.  She is an artist, painter with a  BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba. She loves to travel, draw, paint and “make stuff”. Canadian activist with Four Bridges and Amnesty International. Curator and Builder of the War and Peace Exhibit at the Howard Zinn Memorial Centre for Social Consciousness and the Arts as well as the Afghanistan Virtual Museum in SL. Trill offers a display and information links to RAWA (The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) for those of us with interest in history and current events.

                                                Trill Zapatero – Designer-Artist-Activist

Photo by Trill

Today, I visited Trills Afghanistan Museum at Four Bridges Exhibit; the setting for the photo below.  Trills beautiful handcrafted replicas of the native artisans jewelry are displayed there on the tabletop. Each piece is for sale there and in the museum gift shop.  I’m wearing one of her outfits! Perfect for Second Life excursions.

Rex Requiem: Model

Photograph by Rex Requiem of Studio Rex

Rudy Fehr Cargo Pants and Sweater, topped off with BoHo HoBo Artsy Beret. Available in BoHo HoBo, clothing for men and women! Guys, we have our own building across the corridor called Rudy Fehr. Unisex scarfs are with the women’s clothing though, don’t miss them!

Peyote Boots from Adjunct.

Photograph by Rex Requiem of Studio Rex

The next interest point in the sim was Grail Quest, a fun and colorful interactive parcel creation of Trills,

setting of the photograph, above.

Pose by Trinity Graves of Avante Poses.

Eyebrow Piercing by Karoline Galthie of KA Piercings & Jewelry.

This fall festive Pashmina Kuchi Shawl certainly kept the cool seasonal wind at bay while atop the colorful bigger than life goblet.

I enjoyed meeting and talking with Trill, you will too.

Visit her BoHo BoHo store today!

You won’t be disappointed! If you can catch her for a chat, your day will be better for it!

Chop Zuey: The Animal Speaks Collection

Amazing Detail- Depth of Soul- Kindness of Person

These three phrases express my experience at Chop Zuey. Belle Roussel, designer and store owner in Second Life, is a gem! The quality of her products “wows” me every time! This stunning collection for women is laden with purpose, symbolism and superb style!

Turtle Necklace, Turtle Earrings, Turtle Bracelet and Ring

Mother of us All

Magic. Most ancient of all reptiles.

I am Mother & Nurturer.

I am Longevity & live a very long life, thus I can show you how to master the illusion of time.

Because I live in both land and sea,

My magic can teach you how to unite Heaven and Earth within your own life.

( posted at Chop Zuey)

Modeled by Trinity Graves

The Turtle Jewerly is created using Fine Diamonds, Grey Tourmaline, Ceylon Aquamarine and Large Clear Lucite Crystal Balls.
Features include: copy, resizer and on/off bling features.

Visit Chop Zuey Now!

Beautiful Ocean View above Photographed at Four Bridges North 

Pose “Tender One” by Rex Requiem at Studio Rex

September 6 | Faster PussyCat Velvet Elvis

Faster PussyCat Velvet Elvis is colorful, avante garde with a funky retro flair. Treat yourself to a trip to Honey Bender’s elegantly designed and decorated store.  When you rez in you will KNOW you’ve selected a store that offers something unique.

Narnia is the etheric background for this first photo and was created by The Book Builders, Sammi and daisy.

Faster PussyCat’s Velvet Elvis Breathless Pants- aqua (Badass Belt included): GoldenSand Island (194, 178, 24)

Footpaw Industries Store Tiny Wire Ear Cuff: Charel Alleiz (27, 26, 21)

MJS Mens Biker Lowtop boots:  Tangled (91, 87, 22) 

Reiki Bracelet Black Diamond from Mandala:  Tempura Soba (127, 152, 25) 

Finesmith doubleBlack bracelet: blackLiquid (110, 200, 3522)

LoveCats Piercings: LoveCats Island (99, 95, 1000)

Nikita Bright Cruel Mohawk: Nikita Fride (88, 103, 31)

Aitui Tattoo- Fool of Fowles: AITUI (128, 128, 41)

Gloves – Axe WearLovely Lagoon (137, 5, 22)

Avante Poses by Trinity Graves: Cyberstar (20, 199, 2501)